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Pisi Linux Minimal ISO installation in the Virtualbox

At the first you must download the Pisi Linux minimal ISO. When the download is done, you can install the Minimal ISO in the Virtualbox.
 After it was ready open in Pisi Linux a Terminal and type:

`sudo pisi ur`

 when the Repository has updated (the command ur is „Update Repository“)
can you type the next command

 `sudo pisi up`
(this command means upgrade)

after that you must


When your Pisi Linux System has start again in the Virtualbox open a Terminal and type:

`sudo pisi it -c x11.server`

(this command says install complete, also the package x11.server has more than one package)

give now the following command in the Terminal in

`sudo pisi it xorg-video-vesa`

and type further in the Terminal

`sudo pisi it xorg-video-vmware`

after it give you the next command in

`sudo pisi it xorg-input-vmmouse`

the best way is this to give in the commands step by step as next

`sudo pisi it xorg-input-evdev`

then the following command

`sudo pisi it xorg-input-kbd`

after that give in

`sudo pisi it xorg-input-mouse`

then the next command

`sudo pisi it xinit`

after this command you can install the Desktop of your choice which one you like (here as Example Mate)

`sudo pisi it -c desktop.mate`
(here found you again the -c command for install all what Mate need)

after it comes the two last commands what you must give in

`sudo pisi it xdm`

and as last command

`sudo pisi it mdm`

with the last command have you installed the mdm Display Manager and now you are ready and as last do


After the reboot change at the login screen your session to Mate login and have a lot of Fun with Pisi Linux


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