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Pisi Linux Commands

Pisi Linux comes with a package system called PiSi and of course the command line options are different. You can find some of most useful commands with their descriptions below:
To install a package from repository
sudo pisi it package_name
To install a package from a directory
sudo pisi it /where/ever/it/is/package_name.pisi
To remove a package
sudo pisi rm package_name
To make a pisi from source files(pspec.xml and
sudo pisi build pspec.xml
To add a repository
sudo pisi ar http:/link/pisi-index.xml.xz
To update a repository
sudo pisi ur repo_name
To remove a repository
sudo pisi rr repo_name
To list repositories
pisi lr
To get an information on a specific package
pisi info package_name
Search the repo for a specific package
pisi sr package_name
install all devel packages (when you need it for Building)
sudo pisi it -c system.devel
or you can type simple
pisi -h (or help)
With this command became you a overview about the commands above.

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